Boot to VHD

boot to vhd — i always forget the commands!


Shift+F10 in windows setup…

  1. I start by creating a new VHD on the metal where the OS will be installed. It allows me to choose a fixed size or expandable virtual disk file.The advantage of using fixed is that it will always consume X amount of space and be able to boot. Expandable VHDs take up much less space when not used, but they need to have room to expand when they are booted into. I generally use expandable.
    create vdisk file=c:\win7.vhd maximum=50000 type=expandable
  2. Now I select the VHD, attach to it, create a partition on it, and format it. Then I marked it as an active system drive and assigned it a drive letter.

    select vdisk file=c:\win7.vhd
    attach vdisk
    create part primary
    format fs=ntfs label=”Win7″ quick



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